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Japanese Magazines

Japanese national magazines

  • japanese fashion magazine


    One of the most widely circulated Japanese fashion magazines. The magazine published by the Kodansha Limited. Vivi includes articles about fashion, style, clothes, hair, nail, make-up, good lifestyles, gender, food, eating, sports, apparel, relationship, and more. Vivi magazine also published in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

  • Japanese fashion magazine AneCan


    Popular Japanese-language fashion magazine published by Shogakukan. The magazine contains articles about fashion, beauty, health, model profile, careers for women, and more.

  • Tokyo Journal Magazine

    Tokyo Journal

    Japanese English-language magazine about Tokyo. The magazine featuring arts, film, music, nightlife, celebrity, dining, Oriental medicine, martial arts, butoh, onsens, Japanese history, tattooing, Zen, Japanese female wrestling, Japanese basketball, lkabuki, samurai, modern ninja, classifieds, and more.

  • Seventeen Magazine


    Japanese teenagers fashion magazine published by Shueisha, Inc. The magazine focusing on fashion trends, beauty, skincare, celebrities, nutrition, exercise, quizzes, horoscopes, lifestyles, hair, makeup, and more.

  • Asagei Magazine


    Popular Japanese magazine published by TOKUMA SHOTEN and founded by Hirotomo Takei.



  • CanCam Magazine

    CanCam Magazine

    Leading fashion magazine in Japan. The magazine covers women’s fashion, style, beauty, health, entertainment, lifestyles, and more.






  • Popteen Magazine


    One of the most popular teenage fashion magazine in Japan. Popteen published by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation.


  • Aera Magazine


    Japanese weekly magazine published by Asahi Shimbun.


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Anime magazines

Art magazines

Business magazines

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Computer magazines

Fashion magazines

  • commons&sense

    Tokyo-based fashion magazine. The magazine distributed in 8 countries, 25 cities and published twice a year.

  • Hanako

Film magazines

  • Kinema Junpo

    Japanese film magazine was first published in July 1919

Health magazines

Literary magazines

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Men and women’s magazines

  • Elle

    Magazine focuses on women’s fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment.

News magazines

Teen magazines

  • Seventeen

    Best-selling Japanese teenagers fashion magazine Published by Shueisha.

Travel magazines

Video game magazines

  • Dengeki G’s Magazine

    Japanese Bish?jo (pretty girl game, or gal game) game magazine published by ASCII Media Works.

  • Dengeki Hime

    Japanese magazine information mainly on adult visual novels.

  • Dengeki Maoh

    Magazine published by ASCII Media Works, featuring information on manga, video games, and light novels.

  • Famitsu

    Japanese video game magazines published by Enterbrain, Inc. and Tokuma.

  • Nintendo Dream

    Japanese video game magazines published by MYCOM Communications.

  • V Jump

    Japanese manga and video game magazine.

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