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Computer magazines

  • PC World magazine cover

    PC World

    Leading monthly computer magazine based in San Francisco, California PC world also available in over 50 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Greece, India, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, and Turkey

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  • Computer Wired magazine cover


    Owned by Condé Nast Publications Wired is a leading monthly American magazine published from California.

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  • CODE magazine cover

    Component Developer Magazine (CODE)

    Computer magazine published by EPS Software. The magazine featuring articles on Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Framework, and Microsoft SharePoint.

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  • Laptop Magazine Online

    Laptop Magazine

    Featuring buying guides about laptops, netbooks, cell phones, gps, digital cameras, wi-fi networking, voIP, software, projects, storage, digital camcorders, accessories, and more.

  • MSDN magazine cover

    MSDN Magazine

    Monthly publication for Microsoft platform developers. Each issue of MSDN Magazine includes technical information and practical solutions on .NET, Azure, ASP.NET, Silverlight, windows, web, xml development articles, industry news, and more.

  • Macworld magazine cover


    Monthly computer magazine based in San Francisco, California. The magazine devoted to Apple Macintosh products.

  • iPhone Life magazine cover

    iPhone Life

    Magazine published by Thaddeus Computing Inc and covering dedicated to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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  • Maximum PC magazine cover

    Maximum PC

    American computer magazine published by Future US. The magazine featuring artiles on CPUs, motherboards, core-logic chipsets, video cards, mechanical hard drives, optical drives, component cooling, smartphones, tablet computers, games, anti-virus suites, content-editing programs.

  • PC Magazine Online

    PC Magazine (PC Mag)

    Computer magazine published by Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc.


  • PC Gamer Magazine cover

    PC Gamer

    Games magazine published by Future US Inc, featuring PC gaming news, latest popular PC games, previews, reviews, and more.

  • Computer Shopper magazine

    Computer Shopper (UK)

    Leading computer magazine in the UK. The magazine provides helpful tips on home computers, technology products, scanners, digicams, monitors and laptops, software, internet downloads. PC World helps to plan, buy, use, and integrate technology.

  • APC (Australia)

  • PCQuest

  • Computing (UK)

  • Micro Mart (UK)

  • ComputerWeekly.com

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